Portable Braai Stand

Portable Braai Stand

Presenting the portable braai stand for you. this is very handy and space saving portable braai stand.


  • Charcoal grill, suitable for about 3 – 5 persons.
  • Durable cold-rolled iron stove body
  • Drawer type checkered grate with raised grain
  • Lifting handle and folding leg design
  • Space saving, easy to carry design
  • Vents design on sides and bottom, for even burning
  • Easy to assemble and remove no tools required
  • Perfect for picnics, camping etc

Worth the price

for those who loves smoky, grilled flavor or enjoy smoking meats, the only way to achieve both is use this simple light weight Portable Braai Stand. Just get together with all your friends or family.【SUPER PERFECT FOR 3-5 PEOPLE BBQ PARTY】

Portable Braai Stand is easy to set up and tear down (1 min), No need installation, just open it and put four feet down, the carbon box in the inside will fall, so that the barbecue can be started and the operation is simple. Just fold the legs and it is ready to go with handle after using.【WARNING: Just be sure to use it on a flat, sturdy surface or table】