Just arrived finger print time attendance machine



Are you looking for a cost effective bio metrics system for your organization, shop, work place. then we have this ready to use solution for you.

2.8 Inch Screen Fingerprint Attendance Time Clock Recorder


– Adopting the most advanced fingerprint algorithms, the identification ability to the fingerprint under the change of environment, climate and a finger injury, peeling fingerprint has been significantly improved and it can distinguish in one second under a full fingerprint state

– We are the first to use the intelligent sensor energy-saving fingerprint reader in the industry, along with the advanced power management features, so it can reduce the energy consumption effectively

– Free Software with USB, U-Disc

– The fingerprints intelligent learning update function can implement registered for one time and use for a whole lifetime, easy and convenient to use

– The using of a 2.8 inch TFT colour display screen will makes your interface operation intuitive and clear

– Support U disk to download attendance records and fingerprint data and other functions

– The user’s fingerprint can register in one machine register and share by a U disk, no need to connect to a computer in real time

– The device does not need any software

– The device has a built-in system and the user can record and edit information through the device on its own

– This device can not be connected to a PC through a cable as there is no need to connect to a computer in real time

– All attendance records and data can be downloaded to a USB stick