Coming soon tattoo kit under R 1000

prodcut-imageCheap tattoo complete set of 2 machines coming soon in our stock.


This is our new addition to our catalog of tattoo kits, because of high demand we have decided to bring low in price tattoo machine into our stock. This is ideal for those who are starting up their tattoo practice with limited budget.

Stock will be arrived soon in mid November, so please book in advance, the price of the kit is under R 1000 E & O.E*


1.rotational stability.

2.excellent electrical quality.

3.excellent design and work.

4.process of forming a power supply,the power supply achieved the EU standard,internationally(100v-240v)


5.1pc charger free

6.the speed can be adjusted on the pen, you can do it with your habit.

7.small noise, the noise has been dealed with less than 15 db

8. suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips,also for small tattoo design.

9. all parts of the machine used EOGAS aseptic packaging sterilization, achieved the world health standard.

10. machine fuselage use disposable sterile design, pigment to prevent the return of effectively isolate the virus to prevent cross-infection of the bacteria.

11.rechargeable tattoo machine with charge time 40mins, but can work lasting 3hours.

12.rechargeable digital tattoo machine can adjust the needle lenght 0~2.5mm on the pen, it’s very convenient to control.

Kit will contains following contents: power supply, PS1064
2.2 Tattoo machine,
3.20pcs tattoo needle(3R+5R+5M1+7M1)
4.20pcs disposible tip(3R+5R+5F+7R)
5. 1 pcs clip cord(CC2001A or CC2001D)
6. 2pcs aluminium alloy tube
7. 1pc disposible tube
8. 1 set stainless steel tip (3,5,7,9R+5,7,9F+5D)
9.20pcs needle nipple
10. 20pcs O ring
11. rubber band
12.1 bag Tip brush
13.1pc disposable razor
14. blue ink caps,L:50pcs, M:5pcs
15. 1 pcs pen
16. 1 pair dispsioble gloves
17. 1pc practice skin
18. 1pc CD
19. Paper box