Tattoo Machine for sale with new designs

Tattoo Machine for sale with new designs


This is the very famous Tattoo kit

Advance machines

Tatoo guns: – 2 professional tattoo guns(Skull) for shading and lining

Tubes – 4 aluminium alloy steel grips

Tips – 8 stainless steel round outliner & shading tips
– 20 disposable plastic tips

Needles and ink – 7 (30ml) bottles of professional-quality tattoo ink. Black/brown/blue/white/red/green/yellow
50 sterile tattoo needles
1 ink cup holder

Ink Cup

Power supply – One Digital Black nice power (0-15V)

– 1 clip cord for tattoo gun
– 1 cord and plug

Assorted accessories – rubber bands
– 2 set of tools

Case – 1 professional alloy carrying case

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