Is online shopping safe or not?

Is online shopping safe or not?

Online shopping definitely has its perks. It’s convenient, there are countless bargains at your fingertips, and of course you get to avoid all the hassles of shopping in store, such as crowds, parking, queues…it’s not hard to see why many people choose to shop online, ,most important is this time of corona its the best option to buy stuff online.

But one of the biggest pitfalls of online shopping is the potential risk of being scammed.

Whether its identity theft, credit card fraud, or just the disappointment of a product not living up to its promise, we’ve all heard stories of online shopping gone wrong. Avoid these perils by following these  tips for shopping online safely:

Make sure the website is secure  is not secure is secure

check for this lock sign on top of the website:


Look for a ‘padlock’ icon – this indicates you’re in a secure section of the website. If you can’t see this, find another site; it’s not worth the risk. Another indication of a secure site is the internet URL changes from http:// to https:// when you are making your purchase.


Use a secure payment method such as Payfast

There’s a reason Payfast is the South Africas most popular payment method for online shopping – it’s easy to use and safe because the retailer never receives your credit card details.

Payfast Merchant & Buyer Support

Get phone and email support for you and your customers 7 days a week.

you can cross verify with pay fast if this company(you buying from) is legitimate or not

Read the fine print

Make sure you read the product description carefully before you purchase – double check the size, colour, price, shipping costs and returns policy. Once payment has been submitted, keep an eye on your bank or credit card statements and make sure there are no extra or incorrect charges to your account.


choose a reputable site:

Its very easy for scammers to scam you online, cross check if site has a physical address or not, google for physical location of the business, check google reviews.
Once satisfied and confident that business is legitimate you can buy products online.

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