We deliver Nationwide

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We are happy to introduce Nationwide delivery to our clients who want to buy from us. In today’s world online shopping is the key however the most important part of online purchase is the delivery and comfort of buying from home. We are partnered with The courier guy one of the trusted courier services of South Africa and making sure we give the best customer service to our clients. Please take advantage of buying online from us,.

Every time you purchase via website or directly from our sales team, waybill number will be provided to you exg:  TCGxxxxx, so that you can track your shipment.

go to this website: http://www.thecourierguy.co.za/tracking_home.php or click here

type your waybill number: e.g. TCGxxxxx

Advantage: At budget mart you can track your order online and there will be an advantage to our customers who will have the shipment transparency.  Customers can contact directly to the courier company using the waybill number, however we suggest you to avoid this and leave the tracking and tracing to us, we will make sure you get your goods delivered on time.

complaints: for any complaints regarding delay shipment email: sales@budgetmart.co.za