A Complete professional body Piercing Kit

Professional body Piercing Kit

Body piercing is becoming a growing trend in the past few years among teenagers and adult people. Furthermore, this custom has been found around us for centuries. In order to get a piercing, you may require purchasing the body piercing kit.

This kit includes all the tools use for body piercing. These piercing kits are an optimal choice for professional body piercers and for those who want to try self-piercing. The beginners dabbling in piercing techniques are looking for an effectual means to commercialize their skill. This can be achieved by having a complete body piercing kit.

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High Quality Professional Body Piercing Kit for Navel/Ear/Tougue

Material: Medical Grade Surgical Stainless Steel

Including:5pcs piercing jewelry ,10 piercing needles and 3 tools kit with piercing gun

Material: Medical Grade Surgical Stainless Steel

Kit contains:

A: Piercing Gun

B: Ring Opening Pliers for Captive Bead Rings

C: Ring Closing Pliers for Captive Bead Rings

D: piercing forceps (clamps) for holding the skin during piercing

E:10 pcs piercing needles

F: 5 Piercing Jewelry

with carry case


  • people usually spends fortune for piercing their body when they choose to hire a professional. In order to save body piercing, people are showing interest to purchase a kit for themselves. This is to try out this art whenever they want. Buying these piercing kits are like a single time investment. It means that they need not have to spend several rands every time they want  new type of body piercing.
  • If you have this kit, you can try piercing your relatives and friends for fun.