Your rights when shopping online

Your rights when shopping online

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Electronic Communications Act (ECTA) and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) all contain provisions to protect your online experience so that you have similar protection as if you had physically walked into the store to make a purchase.

The Online Purchase

Online retailers must provide online shoppers with essential information on its website, including its full names, physical address, adequate description of the goods or services being sold, the price payable and the terms of the agreement of sale. Should the online retailer not do so, you have the right in terms of section 43 of ECTA to cancel the online purchase agreement within 14 days. Further, in terms of section 44 of ECTA, an online shopper has the right to cancel the online purchase within 7 days of receiving the goods or services without reason or penalty. However, the above rights to cancel the online purchases do not apply to transactions that were for financial services, online auctions, food and consumables, goods that have been made to order or personalised, or the provisions for accommodation, transport or leisure services that are entered into for a specific period of time. If an online shopper cancels the online purchase, the online retailer must refund the online shopper all payments provided the online shopper pays the costs for returning the goods to the online retailer and that the goods returned are still in the original packaging and in good condition.